PT Maslim Pratama

PT Maslim Pratama is a company engaged in the sale of Instrument, Electrical Products, Mechanical Products, System Metering, IT & Computers and Metering Calibration Services and other measuring instruments related to the legality related to the Metrology, Oil and Gas and SKK Services. The Instrument products that we sell include products such as flow meters, Measurements, Transmitters & Sensors, Analyzers and Metering Systems. For electrical products such as Kable Gland, Fitting & Tubing, Heat Shrink. The products we sell have good quality and low prices.


Supplier Cable Gland Terlengkap

PT Maslim Pratama merupakan supplier cable gland terlengkap. Cable Gland adalah salah satu jenis aksesoris alat listrik yang sering digunakan untuk melekatkan dan mengamankan ujung kabel di sisi peralatan listrik. Ada beberapa jenis cable gland, berikut diantaranya brass indoor gland, brass outdoor gland, brass straitening unarmored cable gland, brass weather proof gland, pg threaded gland, industrial gland. Produk cable gland yang kami jual memiliki kualitas bagus dan harga cable gland yang kami tawarkan relatif terjangkau.


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